Let me introduce Myself….

Hi!! My nickname here is Sai. And I’m too an Anime Lover just like you. I started watching anime when i was in 4th std. and from that day on I get permanently attached to it. I have watched so many animes that i have stopped the counting them year ago.

I don’t think people watch or love anime because they like the actions, dialogs, plot, theme,  or any kind of these stuff in the anime. I guess it’s because they started to relating themselves with the characters in them, start to imagine themselves as the character, gets emotionally connected to the story. They learn from them, they get inspire from them and most important they start to know more about this world arround them. And that’s the same reason I

Don’t live to watch Anime, I watch Anime to live

Now you are currently reading my first post on this site. I live in an area where only few in thousands people watch anime. So I don’t have many people to discuss about anime, present my views on it and many more things. That’s the reason I created this site.

Here you will find updates of latest anime episodes there reviews,  facts, quotes, discussion, recommendations and much more things you will like to know about Anime. So keep following and supporting Anime-X.

Now if you are thinking my name is similar with Naruto series character “Sai“, the character with no emotions at the beginning. But that’s not the case because I have much better and may be cool names in my mind than this.  But I’m a very lazy, so it sound like drag to mention those large names again and again. So I pick a simple and small 3 letter nickname. Now I guess it’s enough talk about my name. And I last thing I do lot of spelling mistakes so please forgive for that.

Thank you… , Sai


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