11 things you need to know about Death Note

Death Note is a global all time favourite and popular, modern anime classic. You may have watched the anime, read the manga, seen the films and listened to the musical. But do you really know all about it. Here is a list of facts you may have not aware of.

  1. When Light first saw the Death Note fall in the first episode, it lands with the front cover facing downwards. But when Light goes to pick up the Death Note, the front cover is facing upwards. 5
  2. Do you remember the episode in the beginning of Death Note, many investigators across the globe are seen in a room together talking to L. They had a sign that said their nationality and name on them. All the names were actually names of famous football/soccer players from each of their respective countries.1-1
  3. If you haven’t read the Death Note pilot manga, then there’s a special tool called the Death Eraser, that can erase the names in the Death Note and revive all the people who have been killed by the Death Note.2
  4. Number of times an anime has caused controversy and Death Note is one of that anime. In fact, this controversy become so high that, Death note was at one point banned in China because so many kids were buying their own Death notebooks (fakes) and writing the names of people they disliked in them such as politicians and teachers.3
  5. Death Note to its fans is regarded to be the best written manga ever. The individual who wrote the story is called Tsugumi Ohba and he is born in Tokyo. That’s all we know about him. Pretty strange how such little is known even though the manga has sold over 30 million copies. Just from knowing this you can kinda of understand who the character, L, may have been based off.
    4Another popular series that was created by Ohba is Bakuman, which is a slice of life manga.
  6. The writer has made the two main characters L and Light, opposite from one another in each aspect he can. Like in terms of behaviour and characteristics. Even whenever we see them use a computer, L uses a Mac whilst Light uses a Windows PC. 6The only real similarity is that they’re both pure geniuses.
  7. We may soon see a Death Note Story in Hollywood. Because it’s confirmed that NETFLIX is adapting this thriller classic into a live-action movie. It will premier streaming in 2017.7
  8. Obata cites the first Interpol press conference as the most difficult scene he had to draw for the manga. “Lots of people to draw, and…I had no idea what an international Interpol meeting was supposed to look like! I just couldn’t picture it.”8
  9. Blink and You’ll Miss Him. Go back and watch episode 6 of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. L briefly appears in the foreground, riding a bike! Light, Misa, and Soichiro are also in this scene. 9
  10. Death Note also has a video game adaptations. The picture below is from Death Note: Kira Game, a strategy game which allows you to play as one of many characters to discover who is L and who is Kira. Yes, you can play as three of the Yotsuba Group, or even Light’s little sister Sayu! Several characters also appear in Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, fighting games with Shonen Jump characters.10
  11. L’s surname, “Lawliet”, is pronounced “low light”.1450187535-4f0233f56eb47a62377a782f9a117a31

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